Take your throwing game to theNext LevelReal time analytics track your speed and throwing motion in a variety of styles

Meet The Boss

Reinvent your training regimen with the app-enabled training device helping players of all ages and experience levels achieve the perfect throw.

  • Connect via Bluetooth
  • Compare Real-time performance analytics
  • Access Boss training videos
  • View practice history
  • Record video during capture
  • Share and publish your stats

Accelerate in three critical areas...


  • Correct Throwing Motion
  • Repeatable Delivery
  • Build Muscle Memory
  • Control Effort Level


  • Increased Hand Speed
  • Plyometric Resistance
  • Throw Harder with Less Effort
  • Improved Spin Control


  • Lower Effort Level
  • Reduce Risk of Injury
  • Excellent for Rehab
  • Unlimited Repetitions